Victoria Frankel

Founder and Director

Hi! I’m Victoria, Founder and Director

As a business owner, I know only too well the feeling of being stretched for time and needing assistance with the essential but time-consuming tasks required to keep your business running. The good news is, if you are reading this profile, then you have reached that point where you realise that it’s ok to ask for help! And that, in fact, if you don’t, then positive business growth is unlikely.

Victoria Eve. & Co. is here to support you, so you can focus on what you do best – building up your business!

With over 20 years of administrative experience under my belt, including PA/EA at the executive level and office/operations management, I am confident about helping our clients achieve their business goals. I am also a schoolteacher – high school art (the best kind of teacher!). What both experiences have ultimately taught me about myself is that I am a “helper”. I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people get to where they want and need to be in life, whether it’s a student, colleague, or CEO.

Going virtual was not only timely in light of COVID-19, but was also a lifestyle decision, as I have reached a point in my life where I’ve realised that whilst I love working, I also love my family, and going virtual has meant that I can meet both needs. I love what I do, and I can’t wait to see how my team and I can help you and your business be the best that you can be!