About Us.

We’re a team of women passionate about helping other small business owners succeed in their businesses by taking care of their admin, accounts, HR and more.

Victoria started Victoria Eve. & Co. with a vision to be the go-to online business management and virtual admin service provider to start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business owners.  The Victoria Eve. & Co. team have experience working across the full spectrum of business operations including finance and accounts, operations, IT, HR, design, and marketing including digital marketing and social media management, and as such are able to provide clients with holistic and comprehensive support, allowing business owners to focus on what they do best.

We love what we do & we get sh*t done.

We love what we do & we get sh*t done.

our core values

We are one step ahead, always    planning for success.


As a partnership, we move forward. As a Team we achieve success.

CONNECTION & Collaboration

At the heart of our way of working, driving every action.


Thriving in change,  excelling in evolution.


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