Kelly Bray

VA | Design Specialist

Kelly began her professional journey as a Corporate Travel Agent but soon discovered her passion for creativity. After seven years in business travel, she transitioned into a successful career as a Desktop Publisher and Presentation Designer. Her corporate experience made her a natural fit for the financial and professional services sectors, where she worked with top-tier investment banks.

In London, Kelly excelled at prestigious firms such as Goldman Sachs, UBS, Morgan Stanley, and HSBC. At HSBC, she distinguished herself among 15 Desktop Publishers, becoming the primary contact for creating presentations for the firm’s leading bankers.

Throughout her career, Kelly has continuously expanded her skill set, mastering Graphic Design and Digital Marketing, including video editing, email campaigns, content marketing, and social media. During the Covid pandemic, she embraced the flexibility of freelancing and now proudly contributes to the team at Victoria Eve & Co.

Kelly balances her professional achievements with her personal life as a devoted mother of two, a wife to a rugby enthusiast, and a winter aficionado. She cherishes her coffee and maintains her love for travel.